Assan Panel provides all-inclusive, custom-designed turnkey solutions with its partners to meet all your requirements

Planning and construction of a new manufacturing plant or renovation of current plants require a wide variety of knowledge, experience, and reliable expertise.

We provide a wide range of services covering engineering, planning, supply, logistics, construction, and installation processes required for ideal planning and design of the system as well as completion and commissioning of the system in due time to be delivered to the investor on time to ensure maximum performance with optimal costs by our specialized engineering and technical staff whose efficiency and competence are proven with experience over the years.


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We efficiently manage all processes in the project on behalf of our customer, coordinate all design, supply, and construction works, and complete the project by the required quality and cost levels on a timely basis. We ensure that our customers save time and money, mitigate risks, and increase productivity thanks to our outstanding experience.

With our EPC expertise combining turnkey project solutions with powerful engineering, supply, and installation services, your entire project is guaranteed by Assan Panel's specialized teams.

We guarantee your optimal system efficiency with our commitments for sustainable high quality, planning, and time management. As part of our maintenance and operation agreement, we also guarantee problem-free operation of your system during the entire operating life. With our comprehensive and accurate quality control assurance and outstanding EPC competency, we provide guarantee for long-term product and system performance to ensure your solar energy investments.


We participated in renovation and investment projects in Egypt and Hungary as a business solution partner. The first phase of the new investment project undertaken in Miskolc, Hungary consisting of installation works for roof and wall panels, accessories, exterior wall lights, smoke waste gates in addition to siphonic stream systems, roof lights, and industrial doors composed of roof and wall panels with a total of 13,000 m2 surface area was successfully completed. Within a scope of another EPCM project, we undertook installation of new sandwich panel roof cladding for a roof renovation project of a textile plant in Alexandria, Egypt. Within the scope of renovation works, the previous roof cladding system exposed to chemicals due to textile production was removed and the current bearing steel structures were renovated by insulation layer installed between the lower and upper sheet. The entire infrastructure was renovated using Assan Panel products in the roof system of 17,500 m2.

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