Roofs are coating coverings used at buildings in order to enable an effective protection against natural snow, rain and storm which vary to reach the aesthetic harmony with geographical state and building architecture. Roofs vary according to their bearing systems, slopes and coating material. Roof coating must enable the thermal, water and sound insulation; be economical, aesthetic and of good quality; and at the same time, perform its functions of safely protecting the building from the conditions of the outer environment. The most preferred coating materials in the roof systems are sandwich panels comprising of inner and outer metallic sheet and insulation center. Sandwich panels are lately used in our country as coating material in roofs, walls, internal partitions or cold rooms of many buildings such as construction site buildings, social and industrial buildings, factories and storage rooms, etc. Sandwich panels are distinguished in the architectural preferences with their high isolation capacity in addition to the opportunity of fast production and installation, bearing capacity and light construction.

At Assan Panel, sandwich panels are produced for colorful, tough, aesthetic, fast, economic and environmental solutions at roof coatings, to meet the needs of all kinds of architectural projects. Sandwich panels are produced with metallic surfaces of different shapes and rich color options, by using filling materials (PUR, PIR, Mineral Wool) of different thicknesses and features at Assan Panel, the most preferred brand of the sandwich panel market, which sets the objective as to add value in Turkey.

Dyed galvanized sheet coils produced in accordance with the ECCA (European Coil Coating) standards imported from the globally leading sheet manufacturers or aluminum coils produced at ASSAN Aluminum plants in conformity with international (EN, ASTM and ISO) standards are used at the dyed galvanized sheet products within the single layer corrugated sheets. Thickness of the metallic corrugated sheets and filling materials is determined in accordance with the area of usage and the amount of load they will bear. Polyurethane (PUR) used as filling material in sandwich panels has the best thermal insulation values, Polyisocyanurate (PIR) enables high level of fire and thermal performance, while Mineral Wool gives successful results in fire and sound insulation.

Assan Panel Sandwich Panel Roof Systems are designed Capped, Laterally Loaded, with PVC / TPO Membrane in a way to meet any type of need.

Master Panel 1000R4, the first, single and real capped sandwich panel whose greatest advantage is that panel fittings are protected by outer environment effects thanks to a capping profile which covers the panel junction point. • Master Panel Nova3 is a laterally loaded sandwich panel with three ribs, Master Panel Nova4 with four ribs, Master Panel Nova5 and Master Panel 1000R5 with five ribs. Laterally Loaded Panels can be applied as roof coating with a slope of 10% and their greatest advantage is the fast installation thanks to the laterally loaded panel junction.

Master Panel 1000R5M is used in terrace roof coatings. The lower surface of the panel is produced as metal (dyed galvanized sheet) and the upper surface with membrane. Therefore, there will be no need for additional coating with water insulation material after installation in the construction site, making saving on time and workmanship.

Master Panel 1000R5T is safely used in the buildings with high fire risk and buildings where a maximum fire resistance is needed and enables the safe passage from wide clearances thanks to its form with five ribs. Roof coating can be applied with a slope of 10%. It provides advantage in fast installation thanks to its laterally loaded panel junction. It offers high acoustic performance thanks to its filling material of Mineral Wool.

You can find the product properties and principle junction details about the installation in this catalog.

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