The necessity of meeting energy needs such as Heating - Cooling - Lighting has come to a very important point.

It is necessary to secure the energy requirements like heating – cooling - lightening with protecting the nature along the years and lower costs in constructions that supply the requirements of people and make life easier and comfortable. In this context, the necessity of lightening especially in macro industrial structures becomes an important architectural design parameter. The main purpose is maximum utilization from daylight and having low energy costs. Polycarbonates , construction materials for lightening, can be used in wall and roof claddings for the maximum benefit from daylight with easy and fast installation advantage.

ASSAN PANEL intends to offer solutions for all wall and roof systems according to customer’s demands by adding the Polycarbonates, compatible with own sandwich panels, to the product range because the main aim in the company about wall and roof claddings, called external leaf in structures, is increasing the product range.

ASSAN PANEL sensitively maintains the same quality values in Polycarbonates which existed in sandwich panel production. The company also prefers effective assembly service with authorized dealers besides the process controls properly TSE, EN and ISO standarts.

ASSAN PANEL Polycarbonates;

  • Are producted in two forms for meeting the all purposes, Plain and Greca.
  • Having the same overlapping section with ASSAN PANEL sandwich panels provides the correct waterproofing and thermal insulation due to compatible assembly.
  • Thermal insulation capacity by the closed form
  • Shock resistance secures the material to failure
  • UV Protection protects the structure from the harmful effects of the sun (ultraviolet lights)
  • Transparent or opaque production is eligible for the different light requirement in construction
  • Can be preferred because of being lighter than glazing systems
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If you want to get a product offer, fill out the form.