The necessity of meeting energy needs such as Heating - Cooling - Lighting has come to a very important point.

AssanPU solutions for all your sealing applications

AssanPU products that offer durable, reliable and high performance and can be used in many fields offer high efficiency and quality together.

Sound insulation

They are used for filling the gaps between the materials used for sound insulation, to prevent the passage of sound, heat and air in the door and window gaps, to isolate the surroundings of ventilation pipes, chimneys and climatic units extending outside the structures and in many other similar areas.

Thermal insulation

Rigid (hard) foams with 2 components are preferred for thermal insulation. AssanPU Foam for low temperatures down to -25 degrees provides perfect thermal insulation even in the harshest conditions.

Water insulation

Water in no way can damage a properly applied and fully cured foam. One-component polyurethane foams are preferred to prevent water leakage in outdoor applications. AssanPU Foam provides a long-lasting and effective solution in sound, heat and water insulation applications.


Assan Panel fasteners provide expert solutions for your roof and facade applications in industrial facilities.


Protecting the metal surface is to protect the metal itself.Because a tiny gap on the surface makes metal ınerable for corrosion.

Corrosion starts from this gap and moves inside of the metal. This shortens the economic life of the metal in use. According to application and environment conditions we have various coatings which do not contain CR+ 6 atoms harmful to health.


Most widely used type of coating at corrosion protection. Optionally provides 48+, 72+ and 96+ hours salt test strength according to EN ISO 9227. Blue and Black


Zinc/Nickel is a type of coating and is preferred in high corrosion resistant in industrial applications. Aperarance color is bright metallic, ensures 480+ hours salt test strength according to EN ISO 9227.


Coating is in matt gray color and preffered in high corrosion resistance applications.

Coating ensures up to 500+, 750+ or 1000 + hours salt spay test according to EN ISO 9227. This surface coating makes a corrosion resistance superior to those commonly used in the construction industry.

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If you want to get a product offer, fill out the form.