Our employees are our greatest asset that will carry our group into the future. It is our mutual trust that gives us strength and makes us grow stronger every single day. On the other hand, it is our innovative perspective that enables us to shape the future because WE are Stronger Together.

WE in the Kibar Group HR Management System

Within Kibar Group, the Human Resources Management Systems are administrated with an integrated SAP SuccessFactors-based software named «maestro» that operates in the cloud.

All processes such as recruitment, internal career opportunities, goal management, competency assessment, development planning, training monitoring and distance learning are managed through this application, which allows our employees to become the «maestro» of their own careers.

WE in Skill Acquisition

We want to create value for the Kibar Holding Group by acquiring dedicated employees with high performance and by supporting the sustainability and the growth of the business.

During our recruitment process, which focuses on matching the right prospect with the appropriate position, we invite our candidates to a pre-interview by scanning the databases of our Holding and our companies, various career portals and individual applications for job openings.

During our evaluation and hiring processes;

  • We conduct personality tests, English proficiency tests, competency-based interviews and we make use of internal and external evaluation center applications.
  • We are sensitive about ensuring objectivity, equality, confidentiality and a positive candidate experience in all interviews.
  • The behavioral indicators that we expect from our employees and candidates are building up trust, customer-focus, result-orientation, helping change and establishing positive work relationships.

At Kibar Group, WE place great emphasis on acquiring young talents.

Our K-Team Young Talent Internship Program has been carried out at Kibar Holding and its subsidiaries since 2014.

In this journey, which we set out with the motto «Real Careers Begin with Real Internships», we provide a year-long internship opportunity to university juniors and seniors. As we aim to offer a real job experience to our young talents with this program, we also care about their personal growth and career development. To this day, 105 young talents, who were selected from 20,000 applications in total, were given long-term internship opportunities in the group companies. 29 of these participants were deemed successful and they were hired once a career opportunity came up within the group.

During the program, our K-Team Young Talent Internship Program participants;

  • Receive trainings on professional life and career coaching,
  • Receive trainings that help them become good team players, who can express themselves well and increase their personal awareness,
  • Have the opportunity to make presentations and introduce themselves to the senior management by taking part in the projects,
  • Participate in activities where they come together with professional executives and leaders,
  • Become a part of a wide communication network in the K-Team Young Talent Program,
  • Find out about career opportunities at Kibar Group and enjoy a prioritized status in new graduate hiring process.

WE in the K-Team Application and Evaluation Process:

  • Application Process (Announced in March every year on kibar.com, LinkedIn, and Kariyer.net)
  • Personality test application and filtering questions on video
  • Evaluation Center Day (Each year in May, selected students are invited to a day of case studies)
  • The interview process is completed with the function’s manager.
  • Internship Start Date: July

WE in Skill Management:

In terms of skill management, we aim to groom our employees for higher roles with career and leadership development plans in line with their abilities by identifying their prospective potential. In order to reach this goal, we support this process by coming up with backup plans and creating candidate pools. In accordance with these plans, we carry out projects to reveal the strengths and the areas of improvement of our employees, increase their awareness and prepare development plans. In order to ensure the sustainability and the continuity of skills development, we plan and implement internal development, coaching, and mentorship processes.

WE in Internal Career Opportunities

By taking advantage of the fact that we are a group, which consists of many companies, we support the transfer and rotation of our employees between the companies. We make sure that they are able to follow different career paths.

WE in Development:

Kibar Career School:

Kibar Career School is our corporate development platform, which brings together all the development activities that support the sustainable growth and the culture of continuous improvement and mutual learning in our group. This platform includes internal trainings that assist with learning from one another, improvement programs that support competencies and technical development, coaching and mentoring processes that focus on leadership development, distance learning tools that can be accessed by all employees as well as development center applications that will help our employees figure out their strengths and areas of improvement.

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