Success must be sustainable in our group. We believe that success means not settling for the fulfillment of the objectives and shaping the future with the work we do. As we do so, we set our heart on it and we add our desire to succeed to our know-how and skills in our performance because WE are Stronger Together.

WE in the Path to Success and Development Performance Management System:

At Kibar Group, the performance management system, where the annual personal goals of our employees are managed and their development plans are created by evaluating their competencies, is called the "Path to Success and Development". Across the group, a system of goals is used, which draws from strategies and begins with the setting of goals for Senior Management and the company and then cascades to the employees with the "balanced scorecard" approach.

The "Success" in the name of the system signifies the achievements of the companies and the individuals in line with their goals, "Development" expresses a system, which targets improvement through effective feedback and mutual evaluation of competencies. The "PATH", on the other hand, which applies to both success and development, reflects that this process is not only a year-end evaluation but a type of governance that takes all year and a long-term journey that provides output for years to come.

WE at Kibar Group Mavi Damla Awards:

We at Kibar Group believe that our fundamental values and our management philosophy are the two most important factors that made us who we are today. Our fundamental values are honesty and reliability, whereas our management philosophy embraces the culture of continuous improvement. In order to adapt to the changing competitive environment rapidly and gain a competitive advantage, we view our employees as the difference makers and we trust them above all else. Accordingly, we believe it is essential to build appropriate environments, where the creative and innovative ideas of our employees can flourish. As a result, the Mavi Damla Awards were created with the motto "Every successful project begins with a drop of an idea and has a ripple effect". With the Kibar Group Mavi Damla Awards, we aim to help our group reach its strategic goals as well as recognize and reward competency-based success.

Furthermore, we aim to increase employee engagement, motivation and efficiency by highlighting good practices.

WE in Total Rewards Management:

Within Kibar Group, there’s a "total rewards system" in use, which complies with the group and company strategies and recognizes contributions to business results and company performances. It is integrated with all Human Resources processes. Salary and fringe benefits policies are built on an objective, fair, dynamic and competitive structure by looking out for balance within the company.

While determining the total rewards management, the substantiality of a task is identified with analytical methods using job valuation methodology. As part of the level structure, there is a KPI and objective-based performance system with a supportive and competitive title hierarchy.

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